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The Rise of the EDC Hank

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

My design page has previously been focused on machined everyday carry items such as my pry bar and wallet. While I am working on my next creation, my current path has focused me down the road of the EDC Hank. I have been making handkerchiefs for a little while now, but it got kicked into overdrive when my wife gave me some extra Harry Potter fabric. As a nerd and Harry Potter fan, the only option was to make a Hank. Turned out the community loved it as much as I did.

This started a wave of support for my Hanks and really got my brain spinning. With the holidays right around the corner (and some great ideas from a few friends) the holiday hanks were born. I have been spending a ton of my time sewing to keep up with demand. Thankfully my amazing wife has a whole office devoted to sewing so there is no lack of equipment.

So, while my design updates in the past have been to talk about a new project or idea, I wanted to share a little background on the Hanks. It has been a huge part of my business in the past two weeks and something I hope to continue to expand. Who knows, maybe I put a new design in my store. Wink wink.

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