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The EDC Fixed Blade in M390

Quick update today. I have finalized the design and working on making my first metal prototype. I am moving forward with M390 due to the pricing and machinability. Based on initial costs the knife should be around $100 which is the price point I am looking for. It will be a few weeks until I have a working prototype so the next step is to work on the blade cover. Let me know what you think of the final design and if you have any other feedback. I love hearing it all.

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@Henry - My plan is to make it a pocket fixed blade knife. I am working on sheath ideas now to keep it as minimal as possible. Going back and forth between a taco fold kydex and a 3D printed option. Also will have the option for a neck carry due to the size. I should have my first prototype completed within a week and will be posting more details soon.


Scout carry for on the belt carry? Love the design so far.


Thrilled that you're moving forward with the M390. Also love the jimping -- should make this a really practical EDC. Would love to see sheaths in kydex and leather :)

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