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Wallet Update - Its Metal Time

Design for Metal Prototype

I made a few small tweaks based on the feedback I got from the community as well as what I saw in my prototype.

Band cutouts are a little smaller and I will be moving forward with the EPDM bands. I have not had any retention issues with my prototype and feel very confident in the design. Been using it since I got it as my EDC wallet without one problem.

The hardest issue for me to figure out was what to do with my logo. Got to rock the "G" and started putting it in the center of the wallet. Well....that doesn't work great because the band covers it up. Made the call to remove one set of tapped holes and shift the logo further down. My logic is that I think it is rare this feature will be used, let alone both of them. Next I had to pick what way was up and how to orient the logo. Went back and forth and ended up with the picture above. This was based on feedback from my wife and one of my friends I gave a plastic prototype to.

With all of this, I am at a point where I want to make a few functional prototypes out of 7075-T6 aluminum. Then I can perform some torture tests to see what this thing is really made of. I should have them done in about 2 weeks and will continue to provide updates once they are in my hands.

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