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The Quest for the Ultimate EDC Fixed Blade Knife

I have been thinking a lot about what to build next. There have been a few products contemplated and suggestions provided by people in the community. I want to make something that fixes a problem for EDC while still providing value for a large audience. This has led me down the path towards the ultimate fixed blade EDC knife.

I have been carrying a folding knife just about every day (except when I travel and carry my Traveler…shameless plug) and always wanted to carry a fixed blade knife. Folding knives are fantastic and just fit so easily with any attire. My problem is that I can’t find something that fits just right for me that is a fixed blade. My goal is to create something that solves this for me, and hopefully other people as well. Here are a few of the targets I have:

  • Premium Steel(s) - There are smaller EDC fixed blades out there but I have struggled to find something I like that uses high-end steel. I am contemplating M390, CPM 20CV, or CPM S30V but need to do more research on cost and machinability.

  • Retention With Clips - If you know my EDC style you know it is more clips = more better. I want a fixed blade knife that I can carry similar to my folding knives.

  • Minimal Sheath - A sheath is a necessity of a fixed blade knife but they increase bulk. I want to optimize the sheath to the bare minimum in order to protect without adding bulk.

  • Compact Length - I am not sure how long to make the blade and the handle. My goal is that it fits the back pocket of my jeans. This will take some development work and thankfully I will have my 3D printer in about a week.

  • Modern and Functional Design - I have never designed a knife before and look forward to the challenge. I have a few sketches and going to start CAD modeling based on some feedback from the community.

My plan is to document the design process similar to my wallet. I really enjoyed putting my thoughts and ideas into words and love the feedback I received. I want to make the perfect EDC fixed blade not just for myself but for everyone.  If you have any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, please respond to this post or shoot me an email at  

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