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Project Accomplished - EDC Friction Folder

We started our friction folder, now named the Director, almost a year ago. It was our first folding knife and a big undertaking for GondekEDC. It started as trying to take one of our pry bar designs, the Executive, and morphing it into a knife. We really wanted to make a set that complement each other.

Through the design process, we learned a lot about folding knives. The clearances required, what kind of pivots we should use, and how to design one economically. Our goal, as with all our products is to make good gear at good prices.

Of course, we were not going to skimp on materials and we are making the Director with some of the best. Titanium scales and pivots (of course since I love titanium) and an s35vn blade. It is built strong but also elegantly (in our opinion).

While it took a little longer than we expected we are thrilled to be kicking off preorders. At the time of writing this, we just opened preorders for the Director and it will be the only way to ensure you get one this year!

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