I have spent the past few days using the 3D printed prototype and like the overall design and look. Some small tweaks to be made before the machined metal version, but no major reworks planned.

Most of the past few days have been evaluating material options for both the wallet and the bands. For the wallet, I have been torn between titanium and aluminum. Titanium is fantastic, super strong, but expensive. Aluminum is lighter, not as strong, but much more economic. Looking into specific aluminum materials, the normal 6061 is just not going to do it. I continued to dig and ran into something used in aerospace. Its called 7075-T6 and it if it is good enough for Musk, it's worth looking into. Turns out it is about as strong as some steels but is lightweight and economical to use. I plan on moving forward with this material for the metal prototypes in the next few weeks. Doing so should keep the wallet in the $40 range.

Next up was the bands...

My first prototype was a hand sewn elastic band. It was a pain to make, frays, and is not secure enough for what I want to do. My goal is to be able to clip this to your athletic shorts and not worry about your card falling out. I tried out two different materials, EPDM and silicone. Both provided a ton more security and each had their pros and cons.

  • EPDM (Pros) Got their name because they were used by the Army Rangers. Extremely tough, resistant to just about everything. (Cons) Not as aesthetically pleasing as the silicon counterpart.

  • Silicone (Pros) Strong yet able to mold into custom shapes such as wedding rings. Multiple color options with better finish. (Cons) Slightly more difficult to remove cards from the wallet and had one snap on me during testing.

There is still more testing to be done, but I am leaning towards the EPDM bands. I would plan on including a few of them so there were no worries about them wearing out. To further put those fears to rest, regardless of the band material I plan on guaranteeing for life. They break, I will supply new ones free of charge.

Finally, I did test using the walled with the clip in shorts with both the silicon and EPDM. Nothing fell out of the wallet during a dance party with my 3 daughters, a crazy dinner, bath time, and putting them to bed. Suffice to say, the design is moving in the right direction.

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far and I will be providing more updates as the design continues.

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Its a big week for GondekEDC and I want to keep things exciting by kicking off my community designed wallet, currently named The Minimalist. Below are some pictures of the first 3D printed prototype and an explanation of the features.

There is still a lot of work to be done to finalize the design but I like this as a starting point. I want to start to get the community involved to help shape the design as it progresses. Below are the main items I am working on now.

  • The elastic band needs a lot of work. Current is just a piece I had lying around I sewed together to make a loop.

  • I love the idea of having the ability to add a clip but I want to make the cards more secure if the wallet isn't in a pocket.

Since this is a little bit of an experiment, I am open to different ideas of how to do this and design modifications. My plan right now is to work through a few of these items, continue to provide updates and try to focus the community aspect on a few topics at a time. Comment here, on my Instagram page, or email me ( with your feedback and suggestions. I am pumped for this project and hope to have it really for purchase before the holidays.

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Support for my prybar has been fantastic and I want to try something a little different for my next product, a minimalist wallet. I'm going to walk the community through my design process, prototyping, and use the input of the community to shape the design. Main content for this will be on my website and I'll post the progress on Instagram as well. Few items to clarify before we get started:

  • It has to be a minimalist design with the main component being metal

  • I am not naming it Wally McWallet-Face

  • It needs to be a functional wallet that can hold at least cards and cash

I currently have my first prototype getting 3D printing and will start the community design soon.

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