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The Ultimate EDC Fixed Blade...The Index

Many designs and even more 3D prints in, I have got a design that I am ready to take to the next step...steel. I couldn't have made it to this point without the feedback from the community and so excited to make a metal prototype. There still might be some small design changes but the look and feel are perfect for me.

Since my last update, I have modified the grip based on multiple people's feedback. I made sure to talk to people with small hands, large hands, female, and male. The curvatures and multiple grip options work for everyone. I have increased the thickness to 5mm which matches the thickness of my pry bar, The Traveler. There were some modifications done to the openings to allow for a full size and mini pocket clip and finally knife jimping was added in two locations for multiple grip options.

I would like to thank my fellow Boilermaker for the name The Index. It is a simple, yet elegant name which matches my design style perfectly. Next, I need to pick a steel and I am between M390, S35VN, and 154CM. Not sure raw material costs so some additional research is needed but my goal is for a high, to higher-end steel.

While working on making a functional prototype I will start the design for the blade cover. I have some ideas in mind and will start prototyping it soon. It needs to be removable with one hand, provide robust blade protection, and of course look awesome.

Please continue sharing your feedback on the blog, though my email (, or through Instagram. I'll keep everyone updated as the process continues.

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