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New Pry Tool In the Works

At GondekEDC I feel strongly that you need to continue to build and develop products to grow. I have learned so much so far in the items I have created and I always have an itch to make something new. This specific pry tool I am working on has been on the back burner for a while but its time for it to make its debut.

Nothing fancy yet as I only have plastic prototypes but I am really liking the design so far. I want it to be different enough from the Traveler so I went with this very snakelike shape and design. Unlike almost every other product I make this will not have Benchmade spaced holes for clips. I know its crazy, but for this one, I am building it into the pry tool itself. That also allows it to be used as a key dangler. Another big difference, and a requested feature for the Traveler, is a nail puller on the end. What's great about this design is I can keep a flat edge for scraping but still have the nail puller at the tip of the pry. Still an early design but I really like where it is heading. My current thoughts are to make this one in stainless steel as an economical pry option from GondekEDC and possibly expand into other materials in the future.

What you may notice looking at it is that the shape is similar to one side of the Leatherman Skeletool. Like the Traveler is roughly based on the Bugout, I went with a similar path here. I really enjoy similarities in my tools and it provides a familiar ergonomics to it.

As always, let me know what you think and I am completely open to feedback and ideas. Also, I have no idea what to name this thing. Any thoughts?

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