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Everyday Carry Fixed Blade Update

I have been playing with many ideas for EDC fixed blades and narrowed it down to three that I was happy with. They are all very different from each other, but I like where they are going. I will only be taking one to the finish line right now and look for help from the community to choose. These are very preliminary designs and expect much finesse in the final design.

The first I am going to call the hole (first on the left). A huge pro for this knife is that you get significantly more blade length without sacrificing how you hold the knife. The blade length is pretty close to the Spyderco Para 3 which is crazy for a 5" fixed blade knife. The con is that the hole forces a wider blade which will make it less EDC friendly.

Option two in the center, which my wife calls the shank, is a small but mightly knife design. The main pros of this design are the great feel in the hand, non-threatening design, and still the robustness of a fixed blade. If I continue with this design I will work on getting more blade length as I feel that is the main con of this style.

Last but not least is option three. I'll call it the cleaver for now and personally it is my least favorite of the three. I wanted to make something with a little more tactical look to it while still keeping it EDC friendly. The tanto blade is less than ideal to sharpen (my opinion) but it looks awesome. I see the aggressive nature of this blade as it's the main downfall since I am trying to make a fixed blade knife that doesn't look too threatening.

With these three options out there I ask for feedback on which one you like the most and why. Also, please note these designs are very preliminary and I will be modifying the look and feel of them. My goal was to make three prototype concepts, pick one, and then finalize it. Thanks so much for the support and feedback on this new adventure. Shoot me an email ( or respond to this post with your thoughts.

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