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EDC Coins are Complete

This journey in starting to carry an EDC coin, thinking of what I would want in my perfect coin, and crafting it has been a fun ride. We love expanding into different products that venture outside our norms.

All in all, we consider the coins to be a great success. The initial launch was fantastic, and I have been loving having one of the three in my pocket at just about all times (but usually titanium). Even got my kids asking to use it to make some decisions like what we are going to watch on TV or if we are going to play in the front of the back of the house.

We would like to continue to expand on the Element coins and working on what we want to do next. While asked to do things that are strict elements (such as brass) the nerd in me wants to keep the element coins pure elements for the time being. We started looking into carbon, tungsten, and silver. Tungsten turns out to be super expensive to make into a coin so probably going to pass on that one for now. Digging into carbon (maybe a carbon fiber) and silver right now. Stay tuned to see where these go and let us know what you think.

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