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Designing the Ultimate EDC Finish

The CAD and product testing that goes into all our products is the backbone of a great gear but what really takes it to the next level is the finish. Raw titanium, brass, and steel have their pros but putting the right finish on them finalizes the product.

One of our first and most popular finishing options is anodizing. Anodizing is the slight change of the oxide layer on titanium in our case to change the color. Basically, you make a small science experiment at home, and depending on how much voltage you apply you can manipulate the color. This has been a great opportunity to provide a different flair to our products other than the normal blasted surface finish we have on our titanium pry bars (Traveler, Mini Traveler, and Executive). We generally do solid colors but can get really fancy with rainbow effects, splatter, and two-toned.

Another example is the cerakote finishes we have been placing on our tools. Cerakote is a powder coat like process used a lot on firearms and hard-used gear. It has fantastic wear resistance and protects from corrosion where applicable. Our newest finish we are offering is our splatter finish which combines anodizing with a black cerakote coat. At the time of writing this, pre-orders are open for the next run.

Finally, are our brass Travelers. Titanium is our bread and butter, but we did expand to brass for our full-sized Traveler pry bar. We were up in the air on how to finish these. Brass can be polished, blasted, tumbled, brushed, and many more options. Unlike titanium, brass is a softer metal and does show marks easier. Because of that, we went with a brushed finish to allow it to hide a little bit of the use. Don’t get me wrong, I love showing wear on gear, but we were trying to go for a nice compromise. If we sold the brass Traveler polished it would look amazing for a little, but the surface would quickly get scuffed up with use.

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