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Current EDC Project Updates

We have a few different projects in the works right now and wanted to give an update.

Steel 3D Printed Traveler. We were so excited to receive our 3D printed prys last week and we're waiting for some additional equipment to tap the holes. Unfortunately, the equipment we got was not the right stuff for what we were trying, and we broke the drills/taps trying to thread the clip holes. This led us to a decision on what to do next. We could either continue to invest in this project (and thus increase the cost higher) to get the right equipment or remove the clip holes and utilize the lanyard attachment only. With the estimated retail cost of $100 prior to anything additional, it was already an expensive tool, and we did not want to have to increase it anymore. We decided removal of the clips was the best option. All this research and design finally got us to our final product but there just wasn’t the demand as we were hoping. Was it the removal of the clip? Was it the high-cost vs material? We are not sure, but it seemed like this project has met its end. They all can’t be winners and we did learn a lot from it. Due to the nature of manufacturing for this, we can do one-offs so if anyone is interested, please let us know.

Element Coins. On a more positive note, we have kicked off our first batch of element coins. Not sure exactly what we will call them yet, but there will be copper, titanium, and zirconium coins made. Each one will have its periodic symbol cut through them (Cu, Ti, and Zr). The plan is also to have a wide variety of finishes too to get the perfect look for your carry. Unlike a lot of other coins, these will be water-jet cut to keep costs down. Final pricing isn’t completely worked out yet but should be much more economical than the normal coins out there. All goes well the release will be in early June.

Friction Folder. Prototype blades are currently at the heat treater and should be completed soon. Prototypes are going to be heat treated to 59-61 HRC and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. The current problem with the friction folder though is the pivots we were going to use are completely out of stock everywhere. Tried looking at a few other places but can’t find the right size for our design. Hopefully, we find something soon as once the heat-treated blades are back, we are really close to starting the first manufacturing run. If anyone knows of some good pivot supplies, please let us know.

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