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3D Printed Steel Pry Bar is Here!

Since ordering our first few prototypes for our first metal 3D printed pry bars I have been constantly checking the tracking waiting for updates. As of writing this, the pry delivered yesterday, and I was like a little kid getting a toy on Christmas Morning.

First impressions with it were beyond what I expected. The printing worked perfectly for the complex internal structure and all its detail is clean. Holding it in my hand gives that sturdy feel of steel but lighter due to the lattice structure. The big question now is will it still function and meet the requirements to be a GondekEDC pry bar.

Initial testing has been nothing but promising with it holding up to everything we have thrown at it. This included prying apart nailed wood boards, lifting heavy weights (one of my favorite testing methods), and of course, opening a good beer. There is still some more testing to do before giving our stamp of approval but so far it is very promising. This further proves the lab testing of the specific 3D printed material. The mechanical properties of the 3D printed stainless steel match that of it in bar form.

The next steps are to drill and tap the holes and finish testing. Once we do, we will release the few we have for sale and investigate expanding our 3D printed products. Thanks for joining us on this new process and let us know what you think.

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