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For HOTMC Members ONLY.


Please submit your answer below. The first (3) members to answer correctly will be emailed and given a $50 store credit. 

A Murder Mystery, GondekEDC Style.

A woman is found murdered on a Sunday morning. Her husband calls the police, who rush to the scene and interrogate the husband, children, and their staff. Here are their alibis.

+ The husband said he was charging the batteries in his flashlights.
+ The kids said they were playing Animal Crossing.
+ The gardener said he was mowing the lawn. 
+ The couple's personal assistant said she was getting the mail (the HOTMC was delivered). 
+ The cook said he was preparing breakfast for the family.

+ The housekeeper was putting everyone's laundry away.   


After reviewing the alibis, the police arrest the murderer. Who did it and how did the police know?


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