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What’s next? EDC Coins?

There are two things that we get asked to make more than anything else. Those would be a pen and a coin. We think both are great ideas, but the coin is a simpler product without any moving parts, so we are going to start there. Also, because I am almost embarrassed about the number of choices that my wife and I have decided with a literal flip of a coin.

Neither of us is a huge EDC coin-carrying people so I have started to carry a Silver Eagle around to get a better insight into what we would want in a coin. There are a lot of ideas flowing right now but the current winner is something to do with different elements. Our Ti and Cu hanks are very popular, and we are thinking about making coins to match. Possibly some sort of G on one side with the Ti or Cu on the other. We could then also expand to other elements such as silver, steel, or maybe even zirconium if we can ever find a shop to do it.

A different option would be something more of a tool built into a coin. Not some 19 in one kind of thing, but more a specific coin with a specific purpose. Not sure what that purpose would be, but the idea is still on the list.

Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in your perfect EDC coin.

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